Identify the interval between each note. Produce a desired timbre on each note. Identify the chords played on the piano.

Here’s the song that inspired the Half Notes Etude.

The song is called Thank You Wes that I wrote in memory of my dear friend, bassist Wes Wehmiller. D Mo/piano, Will Snyder/Wes’ Tyler V bass

To download the PDF, click here. To download the MP3, click here.

3 responses to “HALF NOTES”

  1. D Mo says:

    Playing half notes and making them sound groove heavy requires subdivisions helping you to find a nice comfortable and accurate beat 1 and beat 3.
    Try thinking; “and” 1 and 2 “and” 3 and 4 “and” 1 etc.
    The “and” helps you land comfortably on the subsequent downbeat.
    Consider your sound too. Get a strong big bass sound for this etude.

  2. D Mo says:

    If you’d like an mp3 version w/o bass so you can record a track, email me at

  3. Thank you for sharing HALF NOTES |

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