Fretless Bass Mr PC

Here’s a track I recorded messin’ around with the song Mr PC written by John Coltrane for jazz bassist Paul Chambers.
The intro line is a commonly used diminished idea heading into the C minor chord. Try it. Build the line from a half step below C which is B. The diminished chord is spelled with these notes;
D F Ab B..You can start on any of them and you will get the diminished vibe.

2 responses to “Fretless Bass Mr PC”

  1. Hey D Mo’,
    I sometimes go by B Mo’;
    you recently asked, on an SBL video “In a Sentimental Mood” for songs to be dissected. One of my favourites is the bass line from Neil Young’s “War of Man”. The “Growl” tone in that bass line, well , you know it just thrills me, the way it fits in that song. I was hoping that you could do that one. Thanks for the lessons and the enthusiasm.

    Peace, B Mo’

    • D Mo says:

      Hey B Mo’
      are talkin about the tune Restless Consumer?
      it’s a I to bVI to start
      which is popular for Neil…thinking Southern Man
      lemme know..this tune is coooool!
      great bass timbre..big growl fo sure

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