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this one I wrote for jammin’…it’s fun to have a tune like this that works for soundcheck and/or during performance….featuring Nathan Sabanayagam drums, Dave Ramsay guitar, Ben Jarred guitar, and D Mo keyboards and Fender Bass

F Blues Half Notes to Quarters

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To download the PDF, click here

D Mo’s Jam 2009 Uncle Harold

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co written with Joel Darling featuring Gabe Jones drums, Matt Jenson keys, Marty Walsh guitar, Ben Jarred guitar, Art Sanford guitar, Aubrey Logan trombone, Freddy D Bo tenor sax, D Mo Fender Bass
live at D Mo’s Jam Boston 3/09
Uncle Harold is a name for a bVII7 chord as taught by my esteemed Berklee College of Music colleague George Russell Jr. This is the second chord change in the song.