Blues Shuffle

Shuffle rhythm uses a triplet feel. Within each quarter note you can feel 3 triplets, sometimes tying the first two. That’s how I start this blues bassline. See what kind of line you can create. Be sure to keep the snare on beat 3 centered and feeling comfortable. I enjoy practicing keyboards too. This style of music is real fun to experiment with. Have fun with the playalong. Now we’re playing music together!

Channel Nightclub, Boston MA. w/ Danny Mo And The Exciters 1984

D Mo on Fender Bass and Keys

C Blues Shuffle playalong no bass

To download the PDF, click here.
To download the mp3 with no bass, click here.

One response to “Blues Shuffle”

  1. D Mo says:

    Groove first! Second comes tonality choices and shapes. Above are the chords I was thinking while tracking the keys part. Major influences for walking bass are Ray Brown on acoustic and Louis Satterfield on electric. I try and learn from anyone anywhere. When you hear something cool, it sticks as a paradigm, a model. Blues is often called at a jam session. It’s important to get comfortable walking bass over the 12 bar blues form.

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