Kauai Earth Jam

Recorded in The Blue Room, Kauai on Kala bass with Jon Hazilla/snare, Jeannie Gagne/voice and shaker, Stan Strickland/soprano, flute…recorded by Stephen Webber assisted by Will Lydgate, Ashley Flood, Doug Kohn Jan/2013

3 responses to “Kauai Earth Jam”

  1. D Mo says:

    The Kala Ukulele bass is out of this world. It plays easy, and the rubber strings feel like flat wounds. The Blue Room cave’s natural reverb enhanced the snare, sax, flute and voice. The Kala was plugged directly into a Zoom recorder. This jam was inspired by the organic beauty of the cave and the mystical surroundings. We just started playing and this improvisation unfolded.

  2. Michael Weaver says:

    What an amazing jam! I love it! I need to get one of those basses now.

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