F# Major R&B Etude

F# Major R&B Etude Notation
with bass

w/o bass

Wes Wehmiller's Tyler V

Hook up with the drum groove. Understand the chord progression. Get acquainted with the song form. If you play V string with a low B you can read the part as is.

If you play IV string, play the low notes in bars 22, 23, and 26 an octave higher.

Feel the drum groove while playing this etude and the notes will come out sounding righteous.

The fact that the key of F# Major has six sharps should not be a problem if you play in position and think the tonalities. Work out your ļ¬ngerings and analyze the chord progression.

Download the full notation here, and the MP3 file here.

2 responses to “F# Major R&B Etude”

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    D-Mo…u always have a way of making practice FUN!!!! I can’t get enough of this R&B E-tude, it just feels good to play. You are by far my favorite teacher ever!! I jjust respond well to your “Mo’ Method..haha. I was wondering if you ever plan on posting the e-tude backing ttrack w/ no bass as well.

    Are you playing a Fender Jazz on this tune? sounds like it.

    • D Mo says:

      Scott!! on F# Major R&B Etude I’m playing a Tyler V w/ a low B string..round wounds! had some foam under strings by the bridge haha…dull it up some! glad you enjoyed playing it.
      I’ll send you a track sans bass so you can shed with it.

      as a practice routine, try analyzing the chord progression..let me know what you’re hearin’
      D Mo

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